About BackYardArt

BackYardArt creates functional hard wood art pieces, commonly called furniture. Simon Tarisai Chiwaka, a veteran entrepreneur with active interests in manufacturing, farming, education and property among others, established BackYardArt from the back of a Harare factory to pursue a childhood passion for wood art. In between a rigorous diary the pieces he created were catching the attention of discerning art lovers with the unintended upshots of the hobby turning into a commercial pastime, a thank-you-vehicle for the joy and in his words,peace and sanity that working with wood and its outcomes brings to him. Today, BackYardArt actively and continually encourages the awareness, acceptance and recognition of the creativity of the world-renowned Zimbabwean art and its contributing artists whose medium of expression is hard wood. Zimbabwe is richly and uniquely endowed with a diverse and incredibly creative talented pool of artists, most of whom often without resources to commercially exploit their skills and market themselves out of the poverty trap they are locked in. Thus, the BackYardArt concept was to open its facilities to a select few budding artists to have access to raw hardwood materials, modern tools and marketing resources the aim being to commercialize these hidden potentials and accord them a decent and honest living.

Backyard Art


Simon Chiwaka

established BackYardArt from the back of a Harare factory.